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Have Fun with Clipan

We just had fun with Clipan Finance Indonesia, Bangka Tengah. It’s the second time they trusted BabelYo to organise employees gathering.

Friday afternoon, 6 Dec 2019, Pangkalpinang was raining quite hard. When Sapto checked the gathering location in Sungailiat in the evening, it was raining, too. We’re bit worried that rain will ruin our outdoor events with employees of Clipan Finance.

Employees Gathering of Clipan Finance Indonesia Bangka TengahSaturday morning, 7 Dec 2019, it’s the D-Day. The sky was still grey and rain didn’t look will stop sooner. Well, looking at weather forecast is not our habit yet. If it’s still raining when we run fun games with Clipan, then we’ll move indoor.

Windi and Yuda were ready to pick up the guests at the meeting point. Sapto, Sapitra and Iqbal were driving to Sungailiat earlier. They will set up the location when the guests are on their way.

Thankfully, the Mother Nature was very kind to us. Rain turned to drizzle. The participants didn’t mind to play outdoor. We started around 9:30am and played 6 games, plus several ice-breakers.

Employees Gathering of Clipan FinanceThe participants were divided to four groups. The games were designed to increase teamwork and communication as well as to encourage competition among them. They looked more colourful on the game of Moving Powder. They were all asked to sit on the beach. Then, instructed to transfer colourful holi powder from front to back over their colleague’s head. When it’s completely done, we gave them extra powder for having more fun.

The games were effectively draining their energy. When lunch served, it took only few minutes for them to clean it up.

Afternoon session was internal event for the Clipan’s employees. Yuda and Windi led the session and invited each participant to draw 23 doorprizes.

At the end, we also had a pleasant surprise for all participants. The winners of games competition got their prizes: durians.

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